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North Lincolnshire Railways ..... featuring over 120 stations, hundreds of route miles, hundreds of miles of sidings and yards, ports, seaside resorts, heavy industries, sleepy village halts and multiple-platform through stations and termini!

Latest update Version 09-2017: Click box below to download

Date uploaded: 16th September 2017


See the “With Thanks to ....” page for others work used in this route

Also available here

Latest: If you would like to make the route Quick-Drive enabled, download the patch from Colin’s website (

NB. There are a large number of additional scenarios available for the route on Colin’s website.  See them here ....

Important note:  Following the latest update from DTG, the route began to exit with a “dmp file error.”  The reason for this has now been identified by Colin Green, and he has produced a patch to correct this which is available on his site.  It was a minor error in a piece of third-party software.

Next update - 2018


To download.  Click the version v-09-2017 link.  You will be transferred to the download site.  You should be offered the download without any further input.  If not, then:

Locate the Box: “North Lincolnshire...” (etc)

Right click the box.

Left click on “Download”


Download ONLY from one of the sites listed above.  They’re FREE, so there is no advantage going to sites that I don’t know about, and which may not be all they seem!


What you need for this to work!

Train Simulator 2017 .... You’ll need to purchase a copy of the commercial programme “Train Simulator 2017” if you don’t have it already.  Link to the site here.

The North Lincolnshire file.  It is free.  Download as above. 

You will need the “AP_Station Assets” file.

Nothing else is necessary.



For the route: I strongly recommend that you download various boats from the website, mainly those by Captain Bazza.  Although these are not necessary, and only form scenery, they do add a great deal of authenticity.  Particularly the ferry “Ryde” which is a good match for the New Holland-Hull ferries. 

Also, download the free goods wagons from UKTrainSims, which are required in some of the scenarios I have included.

I have used one or two assets from the Train Simulator Market Place offering of Platform Clutter:, the most “important” being for the hands of a few of the smaller station clocks.  Whether you buy this is entirely your choice, it really won’t make much difference.

Some of the scenarios use locomotives downloaded (to be paid for) from the Train Simulator site, JustTrains or Digital Traction  Alternatively, make up your own scenarios using whatever locos and rolling stock you have.

I recommend that, if at all possible, you set the graphics master detail to “highest.”  If you don’t, then you may not see some of the assets at all, whilst you do see others.

Some of the scenarios are works in progress!  Please note that old versions of scenarios (included with earlier versions) may not work due to changes in track configuration at Grimsby Town, Saltfleetby, etc, but I have updated and corrected those included with the update.


After someone drew my attention to your N-Lincolnshire route I downloaded it with the idea to delete it again should it turn out to be just another bad attempt to build a route.

However, ever since I have been marvelling at what you did.

Such a love of details, almost 100% perfection make this the best route I have (and I have over 150), be it freeware or payware.

I am still amazed and cannot stop playing this masterpiece.

Thanks a lot for all the time and work you must have put into it.

Best regards, A M (Germany)

Latest News

The next update will need people to download the Blocks-Lofts-Bridges UKTS Freeware pack from ....

The next update will be for the line from Gainsborough Lea Road to Lincoln, and from Lincoln to Barnetby via Market Rasen.  Life is getting in the way a bit at the moment, and it may be necessary to upload without quite finishing these two lines!  I trust people will understand.

The new upload will include a substantial number of new assets, but also some assets from the above UKTS Freeware Pack, which adds a great deal to the realism.

Onwards and upwards .... well it is if you’re heading to Market Rasen!


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