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The ships and boats are courtesy of Captain Bazza, downloaded from

Important note: the boats are not available on the file link on the Home Page, but can be downloaded from the UKTrainSims site, and add greatly to the authenticity of the Humberside ports.

Mundo, for numerous scenery items, and most recently the excellent wired telegraph poles and his water towers

Briyeo for some of the road vehicles used.

Briyeo again for his British Buildings (which also includes freight barges)

Richard Maxted for the narrow gauge lines used, plus various assets from those, and the various cars - Morris 1000s, Minis, A40s, 1100s and 1300s.

Rivimey for the steel pipe fences used at some of the stations and bridges.

Ken Long for the cast iron toilets at Woodhall Junction.  To the best of my knowledge, cast iron toilets were only used on this station on my route, so that is the only instance where you will find them.  The actual cast iron toilets from Woodhall Junction are now on display at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Lincoln.

NB: The assets used that originated from the above people, MAY NOT be used elsewhere without the permission of those people, or without referring to their conditions (via UKTrainSim). 
Colin Green, for sorting out the route markers (making scenarios easier to build), providing a picture icon for the route in-game, and lots of other changes that make the route far more enjoyable and easy.  Colin has his own website here, which includes the route, several scenarios, and patches.

Anthony "Flyer" Robinson, a friend from primary school almost 60 years ago, and former signalman at Normanby Park North signal box.

Dave Barton, for help with the Mablethorpe Branch.

Sandra Clayton for the plans of the Winteringham - Barton railway
Bryan Longbone
Simon Balderson,
Grimsby Central Library
Friends of the Barton Line
Members of the Great Northern Railway Society
for the linespeeds on the Lincoln to Boston line, especially Allan Sibley, Don Anderson, and Brian Cloxton
Pam Hyde, Val Mercer and Christine Hammond, all friends who have found out things for me about Boston, or Scunthorpe..

Dave Enefer and his railway site, here.


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