Speed Limits BB5

Speed limits

Speed limits in force in the scenarios are....

1. Those limits imposed by the Light Railways Act (25 mph, with a 10 mph limit over unguarded level crossings).

2. Current limits for passenger trains as detailed on the Railtrack website.

3. Limits detailed on the website (now discontinued).

4. From old photographs

5. If no other source can be found, then a “best guess.”

6. Speed limits over some bridges on the Louth-Mablethorpe-Willoughby Loop.  Some of these bridges had reduced speed limits for passengers trains of 30 mph.  However, goods trains using 4-wheeler wagons, had a much lower speed limit of 10 mph, which is advised, as per original, on a board before the lower limit.  These sections of track, unlike most of the rest of the route, have a dual limit - passenger and freight.

Some of the timetabled trains on the NLLR between Winteringham and Scunthorpe simply cannot adhere to the timetable and within the speed limit.  This actually reflects reality!  It was pointed out in the local papers of 1906 that with a line speed limit of 25 mph, the timetable of that year required the trains to AVERAGE 30 mph!  So, if you exceed the speed limit by a considerable degree to adhere to the timetable ..... then that's reflecting real, and evidenced, life! 

Most speed limits are advised by trackside signs.  However, where trains cross from one parallel track to another, a lower speed limit exists over that small section of track, but is not signed!  This may be as low as 15 mph, or as high as 40 mph.  These speed limits are taken from Railtrack’s website where possible.

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