Scenarios 1 BB5

Please note that some of these scenarios, like the route are under development, whilst others are “complete.”


All should be driveable as long as you have bought the appropriate locos and rolling stock (all from Railworks).


If you would like to produce some scenarios of your own, and allow others to use them, please inform me via the Winteringham News website, giving me the information about where they may be found so that I can put in a link to them, and feature them here.


16:05 Horncastle to Woodhall Junction, stopping passenger, under 25 minutes.

Drive the late afternoon stopping passenger from Horncastle (timed to be used by students at Horncastle schools) along the branch line, stopping only at Woodhall Spa, and terminating at Woodhall Junction, where trains had to stop and then reverse into the platform, to complete the trip.  The train can be seen here, in real-life.  Note particularly the LNER articulated coaches that were the coaching stock on the line for many years!

Rolling stock required
Jinty 3F (playing the part of an N5!); B1, O4 (all available from Steam), the free Wagons from UKTS freeware, and Digital Traction’s LNER articulated carriages (

Mallard, the Lincolnshire Poacher: Easy, about 65 minutes

Based on the excursion of 12th June 1960, a B1 brought the coaches from Alford, whilst Mallard waited at Grimsby Town station.  After the B1 uncoupled, Mallard reversed onto the coaches, and sped off to Edinburgh, via Gainsborough Central, Carlisle, and over the Waverley Route, returning the same day via Newcastle.
For the purposes of this scenario, the start is at Grimsby Town, travelling to Gainsborough Central.  There is an additional stop at Barnetby.
Rolling stock required
For the simple version: A4, B1
For the complex version: A4, B1, O4, V2, 4MT, Austerity J94, 3F, Black 5

1947 Emergency Delivery: Easy, about 30 minutes

Based on the events of winter 1947, when the UK suffered one of the worst winters and highest snowfalls on record, it became necessary to use the NLLR to deliver supplies to the local villages.  This scenario is for delivery to Winterton & Thealby station (though since making this scenario, I have discovered that the train actually continued to West Halton and Winteringham).
Rolling stock required
Black 5, 7F

1911 Afternoon from Whitton: Easy, about 35 minutes

Drive the scheduled local passenger train from Whitton, calling at Winteringham, West Halton, Winterton & Thealby, and Scunthorpe.  NB: It was impossible in real life to maintain the timetable whilst abiding by the speed limit - so don’t expect to do it on the simulator either!
Rolling stock required
Black 5, 7F

1928: Church Trees, Easy, about 40 minutes

When Winteringham's magnificent churchyard elms were felled in 1928, they were taken to the railway station.

Your job is to fetch them from the station goods yard, from your starting position near Normanby Park Signal Box.
Rolling stock required
Black 5, 7F

Class 111, New Holland Town to Scunthorpe, via Barton and Winteringham: Easy, about 45 minutes

What could have been .... inspired by a newspaper article of April 3rd 1920 when Barton Town Council urged the building of the line from Winteringham to Barton.
Drive your DMU from New Holland Town to Scunthorpe, waiting for the connecting service at New Holland, and ensuring that you reach Winteringham in time for the DMU connecting service to Whitton.

Rolling stock required
Class 111, Class O2 diesel shunter, Black 5, 7F

Goods afternoon, Difficult, about 2 hours, Diesel

Starting near Ulceby with a heavily loaded goods train, you'll be doing a complete circuit from there, via Barnetby, Scunthorpe, Winteringham and New Holland, back to Brocklesby, performing various drop offs and pick-ups on the way, whilst negotiating your way through traffic that has a higher priority than your train.
Rolling stock required
The supplied British diesels (as supplied with the original Railworks).

King Coal, Difficult, about 2 hours, Diesel

Starting at Immingham Dock, with a heavily laden coal train for West Burton Power Station near Gainsborough, drive through traffic all the way to West Burton and back, dropping off the coal at the power station merry-go-round.  You MAY need to set the points yourself in the power station estate.  This scenario is still being developed.
Rolling stock required
The supplied British diesels (as supplied with the original Railworks).

Louth to Bardney, easy, about 60 minutes. 
Drive the afternoon timetabled train on Lincolnshire's most beautiful route, through the wolds, and to the fens!
Rolling stock required
LMS 3F taking the role of a C12, B1, O4

Louth to Grimsby Test Drive, easy, 10-15 minutes.
How fast can you get the A4 to go on a dead straight track?  Start at Manby Road level crossings, just south of Louth with an 11 coach train, and give it your best!  After the curve slightly north of Louth, you have about 12 miles of straight track disappearing into the distance!  (Beware of the approach to Grimsby Town station where the tight curve has a thoroughly-justified 15 mph limit!)
If you reduce the train to just one coach, it is possible to exceed 130mph!  Can you break 10 minutes for the journey?
Rolling stock required (All available to buy from the Railworks site)
LMS 3F taking the role of a C12
B1, the Thompson-designed “workhorse” that was one of the mainstays in Lincolnshire.
O4, the Robinson-designed 2-8-0 heavy goods engine - of which many examples were shedded at Immingham, and even more at Frodingham shed.
A4 - need we say more?

*Final version of this scenario here (Uploaded 25th May 2014)

Eastville to Grimsby Test Drive, easy, 30 minutes.
As above, but only the A4 Dwight D Eisenhower and A4 coaches used in this test drive, which starts further down the line than the test drive above!  Lot’s of straight level track to build up speed!

Sugar Beet to factory, difficult, About 90 minutes.
Lincolnshire includes some big industries and ports that utilise that railways, but there is also a lot of agricultural produce that needs moving.  Here's a typical cargo of the steam era .... sugar beet!  In the season, thousands of tons were shifted by rail to the various sugar beet factories (there are two on this Railworks route).  Your train must pick up the loaded wagons along the NLLR, whilst ensuring one of the guard's van is always at the back, and the other at the front.  Then turn the engine at Barnetby, and head down the Gainsborough line to Brigg, and negotiate the sidings into the factory system, for your delivery.
Rolling stock required
O4, B1, 0-6-0 Austerity

V2 Mammoth Haul, 1945, 60 minutes.  Moderate difficulty in keeping to the timetable with a heavily loaded train
It is reported that a V2 hauled 22 coaches between Peterborough and King's Cross in 1945.  There exists a picture of a V2 at Firsby Junction with an extremely long train, for naval personnel in the same year.  Maybe the two were the same train.  For the purposes of this scenario, I have made a few assumptions not backed up by any evidence .... that the train started at Cleethorpes, and stopped at the major stations - Louth, Alford, Willoughby (where another short special for naval personnel is due to arrive at the same time for transfer of ratings), and Firsby (where a somewhat larger train is due to meet the main train having brought officers from HMS Royal Arthur .... which was the official name of Butlins Holiday Camp, Skegness at the time).  Normal passenger trains that the train meets are as per 1940s timetable, goods trains and times are fictional.
Rolling stock required
V2, O4, B1, Jinty (3F), (all from DTG payware), wagons from UKTS Freeware.

West Burton Power Station Delivery Test, simple, 20 minutes
This is designed as a practice for the "King Coal" scenario above.  Drive from Gainsborough central with a small number of wagons, set the points for the appropriate route within the West Burton Power Station estate, drop your coal, and drive back the short distance to Gainsborough.
Rolling stock required
included diesel.

06:30 timetabled, simple, Louth to Grimsby Town
The morning train from Louth to Grimsby, running to published timetable.  There are two versions - DMU Class 111, and B1.  NB not all stations were scheduled for stopping.
Rolling stock required: Class 111, 04, B1, Jinty

7:48 timetabled, simple, Cleethorpes to New Holland
Running to the published timetable, this steam-hauled train has been allocated lots of time between Cleethorpes and Grimsby Town, which is needed to accommodate the requirements of other traffic, but once away from the built up area, the schedule is very tight!
Rolling stock required
Black 5, 7F

Bardney Pop Festival, medium, 2 hours and 35 minutes.
Drive a "special" from Whitton to Bardney, using the Class 111.  Loosely based on Bardney Pop Festival, the journey is on 27th May 1972. Many of the lines used in this scenario closed to passengers from 1925 to 1970, but that’s a minor detail!  Your train - a four coach Class 111 is a special to the festival starting at Whitton, and calling at Winteringham, West Halton, Winterton, Appleby, Elsham and Barnetby.  It is also necessary to stop to exchange single line tokens at Normanby Park North signal box, Louth Platform 3, Wragby platform 2, and Bardney signal box.  It is necessary to negotiate the journey with all the normal Saturday traffic and plenty of seaside specials, and lots of trains heading to Bardney.  The long trains from all parts of the UK have to stop, and be stabled at Bardney where the Sugar Beet factory has loaned their sidings, after journeying over the main lines, but the smaller trains such as your’s can get closer to the Pop Festival site by terminating and stabling at Southrey.  Beware the points at Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Bardney!  Time required 2 hours 35 minutes!  You will travel over a mixture of quiet country branch lines, and very busy mainlines with some of the most frequent freight trains on the whole BR network, so be aware of signals 100% of the time.

Rolling stock required
Class 111 - to be purchased from DTG (Railworks)
Class 31 - to be purchased from DTG (Railworks)
Class 37 - this was supplied free with Train Simulator - hopefully it still is!
Class 47 - this was supplied free with Train Simulator - hopefully it still is!
MkI blue and grey coaches - this was supplied free with Train Simulator - hopefully it still is!
Freeware wagons from UKTrainSims

09:13 Gainsborough to Cleethorpes, Easy, Actual Timetable, about 90 minutes, driveable, but AI trains under development
Drive the 09.13 from Gainsborough to Cleethorpes, sticking as closely as possible to the time table.
Rolling stock required
B1, O4, Jinty, V2 ....

Barnetby to New Holland Pier, Easy, Actual Timetable, about 40 minutes.
Drive from Barnetby to New Holland Pier keeping to timetable.
Rolling stock required
Black 5, 7F

Boat Train from Immingham Eastern Jetty to Gainsborough Central, easy, about 90 minutes
From the opening of Immingham Dock to the 1930s, cruises started from Immingham's Eastern Jetty, most especially to the Norwegian Fjords and the "Midnight Sun."  Special trains were laid on for these cruises, going on to the Pier Station so that passengers had the shortest of walks from train to boat.  Where there were too many trains to disgorge all the passengers at the pier station, some were diverted to a transit shed, from where they were taken onto the pier by electric road vehicle!  However, no such device for our passengers, as they are to be given a relief train.  As the driver of this, you must wait for the original train to come off the pier before reversing into the Pier Station .... go careful or you'll go right over the end!  Once all passengers are aboard, off to Gainsborough you go!
Rolling stock required
Black 5, 7F

Day Tripper, Easy, about 60 minutes
Cleethorpes was always a favourite destination of people from North Lincolnshire, as well as for people from further afield.  This day trip sets off from Whitton, stopping at all village stations as far as Barnetby .... and then it's off to Cleethorpes for the day out!
Rolling stock required
Black 5, 7F

Football Special Part 1, and Part 2, medium, about 45 minutes each
It's the 25th October 1958, and Scunthorpe are travelling to Grimsby for the Division 2 (now called the Championship) local derby.  British Railways have put on a football special for the Scunthorpe based fans, calling at Appleby, Elsham and Barnetby, behind a B1.  The fans are to be dropped off at New Clee Station for the short walk to Blundell Park, whilst you have to take the train up to Cleethorpes, drop the coaches in the carriage sidings, turn the engine and replenish the coal and water ready for the return journey (which is Part 2).  The match ended 1-1, so everyone was happy, with Grimsby's goal being scored by the famous Tommy Briggs.  Based on an actual football special (and I was on it!)
Rolling stock required
B1, 04, Black 5, 7F

Last Train of the day, easy (if you like driving backwards!), 25 minutes
The final NLLR train of the day didn't reach Whitton, but terminated at Winteringham.  Having "run around" the train to the village, you now have to drive backwards all the way to Scunthorpe, sticking to the timetable - by exceeding the speed limit where necessary to do so.  Remember to drop the single-line staff at Normanby Park North box.
Rolling stock required
Black 5, 7F

New Holland to Barnetby, actual timetable, easy, about 25 minutes
Another timetable run.  You should have no difficulties with this!
Rolling stock required
Black 5, 7F

New Holland to Immingham Dock, actual timetable, medium, about 25 minutes
Drive a modern DMU from New Holland, to Immingham Dock via the single track Goxhill line.  Keep up to time as other trains will be using passing loops at East Halton and Killingholme.  Admiralty Platform is not a scheduled stop, and indeed almost never appeared on timetables!  However, you may stop there if you decide you had a passenger request so, as per the rules that applied.  The halt at Killingholme requires careful positioning of the coaches, or the doors will fail to open.
Rolling stock required
Supplied diesels and dmus (wrong companies, of course!)

V2 Running in - Scunthorpe to Cleethorpes, easy, 85 minutes
V2s were apparently rare in Lincolnshire.  However, Doncaster Works would sometimes do a "running-in" journey using all manner of locos, including a couple of streamliners in 1937, along the Doncaster, Scunthorpe, and Cleethorpes route.

This is an imaginary case of such a "running-in" haul, and of course the V2 makes easy work of the job!  Stop at every intermediate station except for New Clee.  And don't be caught out by the 20 mph limit at Habrough!

Lots of AI traffic.
Rolling stock required
V2, B1, 04, Black 5, 7F

Just Trains 5MT - Grimsby Town to Firsby via Mablethorpe Loop
There were two express trains from Grimsby Town station to King’s Cross each morning (returning in the evening).  On summer Saturdays only, the second one was routed via the Mablethorpe Loop, stopping at Louth, Mablethorpe, Sutton on Sea, Willoughby, and Boston (in this scenario it terminates at Firsby due to lack of scenery to Boston!).  The run is fairly easily timed*, though there is a speed limit of 25 mph at Saltfleetby, and the weak bridges between Saltfleetby and Mablethorpe should be crossed at 10 mph by heavy engines, of which the 5MT is one such.  Those bridges had (and have in the route) a 30 mph speed limit, and are quite uneven.  The passenger timetables are accurate, but the goods trains do not have a timetable source though they do reflect the typical types used on the line. *I imagine that the easy timing has to do with the expected rush of holidaymakers joining the train at Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea, which would inevitably cause delays.

Lots of AI traffic
Rolling stock required:
Just Trains 5MT, B1*, Robinson 04*, 3F Jinty* (all from Train Simulator site); UKTrain Sims Wagon pack (free) Link

07:48, Louth - Bardney, actual timetable, medium, about 55 minutes
The Withcall white violet season is in full swing, so the normal leisurely timetable is a bit more compressed.  Stop at Hallington and Withcall to drop of mail and morning papers and pick up milk in churns, and at Withcall back on to the van containing many boxes of white violets destined for the Covent Garden flower market in London.  Then it’s the normal all-stops to Bardney, where after dropping off the passengers, it’s necessary to also drop off the van, and then move your train onto a siding.
Rolling stock required
3F Jinty (Train Simulator site), LNER articulated carriages (from Digital Traction), UKTrain Sims Wagon pack (free) Link

13:50, Louth - Bardney, actual timetable, medium, about 50 minutes
There are two versions of the same scenario.  One uses a 3F Jinty, whilst the other uses a Class 111 DMU.  Both are straightforward, but surprisingly difficult to keep to timetable.  Both require the train to be placed in the appropriate position after dropping off the final passenegrs at Louth.
Rolling stock required
3F Jinty, Class 111 DMU (Train Simulator site), LNER articulated carriages (from Digital Traction), UKTrain Sims Wagon pack (free) Link

Over the Top, 50 minutes
Take a load of coal from Bardney to Louth coal staithes, using a 9F loco.  Your train is just short enough to fit in Wragby Station, and the refuge siding at Donington, which is necessary because you will be passing trains at those two stations, and you’ll have to park your train accurately for them to pass.
Rolling stock required
9F, LNER Class J50 (Train Simulator site), LNER articulated carriages (from Digital Traction), UKTrain Sims Wagon pack (free) Link

Princess Coronation Special, 75 minutes
It’s March 1939, and Grimsby Town are playing Wolves in the FA Cup semi-final at Old Trafford.  Virtually the whole of Grimsby empties, and anything with wheels is used to cross the Pennines to the game, which set the ground record for Old Trafford (and it’s STILL the ground record!!).  All manner of trains are heading off westwards from Cleethorpes, and taking various routes after Barnetby.  You’ve been assigned to drive Coronation and its luxury train via Gainsborough (this bit is made up - the story isn’t!!!).  As the line is rather crowded with other trains heading off to the same destination, you’ll have to keep a close eye on the signals!
Rolling stock required
LNER Class J50, Robinson O4, Thompson B1, V2, (Train Simulator site), Princess Coronation (Just Trains), LNER articulated carriages (from Digital Traction), UKTrain Sims Wagon pack (free) Link

Mayflower to Boston, 13th July 1951
On this day, Mayflower was named on Boston Station (history buffs will know why!).  Timetabled as per timetable of the era.  You will need the reskin for Mayflower specifically from UK Train Sims.  Plenty of AI traffic.

A note on the Free Roams with Railmotors.  Although the Railworks Railmotors are from the GWR, extremely similar ones were used on both the Barton Branch and the Louth-Grimsby line, where special low platforms were built for them.

In the early 1950s a Great Western diesel railcar was also used, certainly from Louth, and perhaps from other places in this area too.  It was not judged a success.

In Development


The following scenarios are in the process of being developed, but are included in the download if you would like to try them.  Generally they have little or no IE traffic, and no instructions!

K1 Steel Export

Scunthorpe Steelworks to Winteringham Haven.

Louth Mablethorpe Willoughby Goods

Louth to Willoughby with various shunting manoevres en route.  As this is a goods train with four-wheelers, the speed across many of the bridges is reduced to 10 mph!

Scotsman to Skegness

To be completed once the scenery is all in from Firsby to Skegness

K1 Seaside Special Return (Mablethorpe to Bardney)

Driveable, but no AI

Flying Scotsman Grimsby Town to Boston

Very basic drive to Boston from Grimsby, no AI

Oliver Cromwell, Boston to Grimsby Town

Just Trains 7MT, on train originating from King’s Cross.  Early evening, express passenger, to actual timetable, currently testing. 

Rolling stock required: Just Trains 7MT, DTG 9F, DTG Class 111 DMU, DTG Class 37, DTG B1, DTG O4, UKTS wagons (free).

DMU Training.

The Louth-Mablethorpe-Willoughby Loop was used for training steam engine drivers on DMUs.  This scenario will set off from Immingham, down the ELR to Louth, then round the Willoughby Loop to Firsby, and back to Immingham again.  Not developed yet.


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