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Research for scenery, timetables, stations, history

The route is as accurate as I can make it within the confines of the game.  Most of the buildings and scenery comes from the default Train Simulator 2015 assets, but there are other assets made by other people, and some specifically made for the route by myself.  Some artistic licence has therefore been necessary in the representation of buildings.  Track SHOULD be accurate (for a particular period), as should fields, roads, rivers, and terrain.  Signals are usually placed as per OS maps, but may be slightly or considerably different to the prototypes represented.  Mileposts are in appropriate positions and have their origin as originally designated (see separate web-page).  Speed limits are as researched for the age of steam, but beware that crossovers may well have a lower UNMARKED speed limit as per prototype.


"The Railways Around Grimsby,"
by PK King, and DR Hewins,
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“Recollections of a Lincolnshire Railway Enthusiast”
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Printed by The Warple Press, Kiln Lane Louth LN11 0LU
Telephone: 01507 600848


Rails Across Lincolnshire
Transport Video Publishing
19-21A High St, Wheathampstead, Herts AL4 8BB
Tel: 0158 283 3807


(OS maps.  The ones used most frequently being from circa 1907, and 1950).

Google Earth
(currently no longer available)(speed limits 1960).
(For timetable details for scenarios)
(For details and photographs of closed stations on the route
(Many photos of all the area covered by the route)
The heritage railway currently running trains between Ludborough and North Thoresby


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