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The mileposts reflect the original ones - which have now been rejigged on the modern real-life railway. 

* For the line from Retford to Gainsborough, Cleethorpes, Immingham, and New Holland, these were "miles from Manchester." 

* From Wrawby Junction to Lincoln, they were "miles from New Holland." 

* From Wrawby Junction to Frodingham, these were "miles from Wrawby Junction

* For the line from Boston to Grimsby, these were "miles from King's Cross."

* For the line from Louth to Bardney, these were "miles from Louth."

* For the North Lindsey Light Railway, these were "miles from Scunthorpe."

* For the Grimsby District Light Railway, these were “miles from Immingham East Junction.”

* For the Boston to Lincoln line, and on to Sykes Junction, these were “miles from King’s Cross.”

* For the Firsby - Spilsby Branch, these were “miles from Firsby.”

* For the Horncastle Branch, these were “miles from Woodhall Junction.”

* For the Louth-Willoughby Loop, these were “miles from Mablethorpe Junction” as far as Mablethorpe, and “miles from Willoughby Junction” from Willoughby to Sutton on Sea

* For the Skegness Branch, these were “miles from Firsby.”

* For the “New Line” these were ”miles from Coningsby Junction.”

* For Clarborough Junction to Sykes Junction, these were “miles from Manchester.”

* For Trent Junction, Gainsborough, to Sykes Junction, these were “miles to March.”


There are turntables shown at Cleethorpes, Barnetby, Immingham, Louth, Mablethorpe, Skegness, Keadby and Scunthorpe.  These will not turn the largest locos, but others work successfully.  In some cases, this failure to accommodate the largest locos is a reflection of the actual prototypes.  Mablethorpe turntable could not turn the large express engines used on “specials” for day trippers, and so those engines went to Firsby triangle to turn.  The Skegness turntable was superseded by a triangle built to the south of the station, but apparently Skegness engines also went to Firsby to turn there.  In the case of Skegness, I have included all options.

The turntable at Scunthorpe is accurately placed, BUT was not there at the time suggested by the layout of tracks, which are from an earlier time.  A larger engine shed was built to the north-east of the turntable as shown, and in 1959 for instance the shed (36C) had 77 engines allocated - 66 steam - mainly O4s, and WD 2-8-0s - and 11 0-6-0 diesel shunters.


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