Gainsborough to
Barnetby BB5

Gainsborough to Barnetby

Part of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway (as were the lines to New Holland and from Barnetby to Market Rasen), the line opened in 1849, gaining access to Grimsby Docks from across the country!

Gainsborough was a great engineering town manufacturing heavy equipment, traction engines, tractors, etc and exporting the products all over the world.  Close by the Central Station were some of the works associated with this heavy engineering.  The route was also useful for exporting coal from South Yorkshire via Grimsby and Immingham.  The line from Gainsborough to Kirton Lindsey passed through agricultural land with very few large villages, and in consequence, only the stops at Blyton and Northorpe were built.  Before reaching those however we pass Thonock Sidings, which have a peculiar "stub" siding curving off into the trees before terminating.  This is all that remains of a large railway complex built to serve an admiralty armaments facility of World War I - of which nothing now remains to say that it was ever there - and the fields have now been reclaimed as farmland.  The major engineering feat is just after Kirton Lindsey station with the 1,334 yard long Kirton Tunnel, piercing through the Lincolnshire Heights, before our line heads off down into the Ancholme valley.  Immediately after the tunnel heading east are Kirton Limeworks, and the tall signal box that viewed over the adjacent road to see approaching trains.  After passing Scawby and Hibaldstow station, we pass Brigg Sugar Beet Factory, and its sidings on the left (north) of the line, and then into Brigg station after crossing the New Ancholme, and the Old River Ancholme.

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