Barnetby BB5


All roads lead to Rome, perhaps, but it seems, all railway lines in this part of the world lead to Barnetby.  The Lincolnshire Wolds extend from South Ferriby in the north, down to the fens near Boston in the south, and formed a significant barrier to the 19th century railway builders, but a gap in the hills at Barnetby afforded an excellent opportunity to cut through the Wolds without much in the way of engineering required.  And so Barnetby became the focal point for railways from Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Immingham and New Holland for Hull, to the east with those for Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Gainsborough and Sheffield to the west.  Inevitably, this meant an engine shed and turntable, and extensive sidings.  Wrawby Junction signal box became one of the largest on the British system, with over 150 levers.  The four-track section between Barnetby and Brocklesby was one of the busiest sections on BR.  Nowadays, it is the principle station for Humberside Airport (which is sited just south of the limeworks at Melton Ross that the simulation shows).  The cattle market close by the station was also busy on market days, and it was rare for a "spare" set of coaches not to be stabled here!  The almost obligatory maltkiln was sited just to the east of the station.

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